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Evergrass Turf Summer Gold 96

Enhance your outdoor space with Evergrass™ Summer Gold Artificial Turf, a top-tier landscaping solution that exudes luxury and natural beauty. With a lush 45mm (1.75-inch) pile height and a substantial total weight of 96oz, this synthetic turf offers unbeatable richness and durability. Featuring a generous 70oz face weight, it boasts a velvety texture reminiscent of real grass, making it an ideal choice for both aesthetic appeal and underfoot comfort. Thanks to our exclusive BioLuxe™ Worry-Proof Technology, it incorporates antimicrobial and odor-control properties, ensuring a safe play area for children and pets. With a rapid drainage rate of 280 inches per hour, you can enjoy worry-free outdoor moments, even in heavy rainfall. The harmonious combination of field green and olive green, coupled with minimal shade variation, creates a lasting, vibrant lawn that will make your neighbors envious. Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with Evergrass™ Summer Gold Artificial Turf.

Evergrass Turf Collection from msisurfaces on Vimeo.